Whatever Ye shall spend in the Cause of God, shall be repaid Unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.
(Al Anfal: 60 - Translation by Yusuf Ali).
The Ceylon Baitulmal Fund (CBMF) was founded on 29th March 1957 out of necessity to distribute Zakat and Sadaqaat to deserving Muslims in Sri Lanka. The driving force behind the concept was the late Mr. H. S. Ismail, an eminent Lawyer and Speaker of the House of Representatives - Ceylon. Till his death in 1973, he served the Muslims of Sri Lanka with altruistic dedication and sincerity.
In the ensuing years the mantle of leadership of CBMF passed on to many other distinguished Muslims who followed in the footsteps of the Founding Father of the CBMF; Great Leaders, all with one aim - to eliminate poverty in the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. Among the past Presidents, are the Late Mr. I. A. Cader, the Late Dr. M. C. M. Kaleel and the Late Mr. A. Aziz. Mr. A. H. L. A. Saleem and many others.
The Fund has also benefited greatly from the unstinted efforts of the Late Founding Honorary Secretary of the Fund, who has served in this capacity for all but two of the 40 years, Haji S. S. Issadeen.


This is the largest fund of its type in Sri Lanka with an enviable record of continuous growth and an unblemished record.



The Members constitute all persons who make donations to the Fund. No restrictions are placed on Age, Nationality or Gender. Currently the Fund has a register of over 3000 active members. Many expatriate Sri Lankans contribute freely to the Fund from overseas to care for their Brothers and Sisters in Sri Lanka.


Distribution of Zakat - since 1961,

Sadaqaat and other Donation distribution

Scholarships to students of exceptional ability have seen numerous needy Muslims graduate as Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants and Teachers from Universities in Sri Lanka.

Marriage assistance for Muslim girls has ensured that many hundreds have been able to be given in marriage by their parents. This project has attracted attention from many sectors of the Sri Lankan community and other religious groups too have emulated the activities of the Fund.
Medical help has been given to the needy to purchase hearing aids and spectacles. A new project has seen several persons receiving artificial limbs.
Repairs and Rental funding has enabled many families to maintain a roof over their heads. Emergency funds for repairs after natural disasters and to prevent evictions have been made available to hundreds of Muslim families.
Assistance to families effected by terrorism has become a new project due to the unfortunate state of affairs in Sri Lanka. In Sha Allah, the need for this sort of assistance will diminish as normalcy returns to the Island.
Other charity monies, too numerous to mention, have been given on a case by case basis to deserving families, individuals and groups.


The accounts of the CBMF have been Audited every year, for the past 50 years, by a renowned Firm of Auditors,
All Audit reports and Balance Sheets for the past 50 years are available for viewing and photocopying at the office of the CBMF by any interested member or person. Please make an appointment prior to arrival.


Contact the Fund at the address below. The last audited statement of accounts and a list of all donations received in the last financial year will be sent to you, on request.
We prefer contributions to be mailed to us in the form of Bank Drafts or personal cheques drawn on a Sri Lankan Bank.
When making a contribution please indicate the Sadaqaat or Zakat category.
HOW CAN I CONTACT The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund?
The CBMF can be contacted at:

No. 44A Haig Road, Colombo 4, SRI LANKA.

TELEPHONE: + 94-74-515656